How to Begin a Local Chapter of the CGOA

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Hey!  Do you want to be a part of your local Crochet Guild of America chapter?  

When I joined CGOA, I know that I did, but unfortunately there was no chapter anywhere near me.  (Believe me, I searched!)  To top it off, I was living in Mexico!  I became active in the Cyber Crochet of CGOA Chapter on Ravelry, but I still wanted more.  I had been meeting with my local stitch group, but we still wanted to be part of something bigger!  I had been toying with the idea starting a local chapter of the CGOA in Mexico City, and with the support of my stitch group and my friends from the cyber chapter, we made the dream a reality.

Starting a Local Chapter Might be Easier Than You Think

To start a local chapter of the CGOA, you need
  • At least one active CGOA member.  Yes, that's it.  The other members of your group don't have to be members of the CGOA, but the more the merrier!  
  • To fill out some paperwork (just 3 pages).  The paperwork you need to fill out is the APPLICATION FOR STARTING A CGOA CHAPTER  In this form, you will have to share basic information, including the proposed Chapter Name (get creative & have fun!), The President's name (this will be YOU if you are the only CGOA member), and general information about the chapter and the president's contact information.  
  • Forty bucks.  Payment is easy, because it can be made online.  It's a group contribution.  No one owns the chapter.  As a chapter president, I can tell you that I have had people contact me because of the CGOA chapter listing.  It's a great way to network for crochet and get your group's name out there!  
  • A list of members.  CGOA asks for a list of members and officer titles.
  • The Web Form.  If you do not want your personal information shared on the public end of the CGOA website, fill out Information for the CGOA Web Site Posting of Member Chapters.  This is how the public will find you and contact you for crochet opportunities! 
So that's the paperwork you need to fill out to create your chapter.  For even more information, check out the resource page on  To be honest, it was a lot easier than I thought it would be.  Once the application is received, it is reviewed by the CGOA and you will receive notification of your status in a timely manner.  

Your Chapter Can Be Informal or Formal
So now that you have your group, you can meet as a CGOA Chapter! Yay!  My chapter's first event as "Ganchitos" was a yarn bombing in a local park.  It was beautiful and inspiring!

Ganchitos meets regularly and does whatever kind of event the members care about.  It's not terribly formal, but your chapter CAN be!  The beauty of the CGOA is that it leaves room for your group's personality to shine.  If you're formal - be formal!  Here is a list of ideas for chapter programs.  
I am very much in favor of getting more local chapters going, so let's keep talking.  Are you active in your local CGOA Chapter?  Have you ever thought of starting a chapter?  What do you think would be great ideas for chapter programs?  Please leave a comment here on the blog, and let's connect on social media!  I can be found on facebooktwitterPinterestInstagramTumblrGoogle+,  and YouTube.  Join my monthly newsletter about crafts, crochet, and education. Get those hooks up! 

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