Professional Development Day Overview and Thanks

Saturday, October 26, 2013

October 2, 2013 was a day set aside by CGOA at the Fall Chainlink/ Knit & Crochet Show Conference in Concord, North Carolina, to aide professionals and would-be professionals in how to put together a proposal for a book. There was a vast amount of knowledge shared such as MelissaLeapman’s outline on the proposal process, Susan Huxley sharing how to take the best photo to get your idea across, as well as Bobbie Matela giving an inside view of how the an editor will review a proposal. 

Basic tips were covered on actually writing your book by Cari Clement and Marty Miller, since without creative writing and well written patterns, you may not have a product! Renee Rodgers informed us that this may be a daunting task, but you can ask CGOA for a mentor to help get through the process.
Then education on how to promote yourself and your book was addressed. Margaret Hubert shared her blogging tips, while Vashti Braha shared her vast knowledge on newsletters, Amy Shelton gave insight to social media platforms while Patty Lyons gave tips on how teaching can promote your book. Never forget how to use the press to get yourself recognized, and who better to share tips here then Lily Chin. 

Through all of this we were reminded by Andee Graves how to take care of our money makers: our hands. She addressed issues of hand health for years of happy stitching.

It was a successful event that was fortunate to have a wonderful sponsor in Lion Brand Yarn. They help make the day happen! They also supplied material to make afghan squares for Warm Up America, over the course of the day, the attendance made up over 350 squares that will be assembled into blankets for those in need. 

There was also a raffle to help raise funds for Warm Up America. There are many sponsored that donated items to be raffled off. I currently have only a partial list, so I apologize to those that I may miss. But a special thanks to Valu- Publishing Crochet 123, KRW Knitwear, Go Crochet, Simplicity, Leisure Arts, Debbie Bliss Yarns, Universal Yarns, Interweave, Andrea Giattini, and Coats & Clark. Please let all the sponsors know that you appreciate how they helped in making a difference in the lives of crocheters.

CGOA 2013 Fall Fashion Show Images

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

If you weren't there for the CGOA 2013 Fall Fashion Show in Charlotte, Friday evening, 4th October,  you can get a peek at some of the action.  I have just uploaded a gang of images (67!) taken backstage at the Fashion Show.  No worries; we are all perfectly decent and dressed!  We tried to capture every design that went down the runway, but I know we missed a few.  Please visit the Flickr CGOA Group photo pool to see them.  They will also show up in the little slide show of Chain Link images on the left side of this blog page.

I tried to fill in descriptions for every photo, but it's such a huge task that I missed most of those, too!  If you see your design among them, or recognize a designer or model I have not credited, please let me know by commenting here and I will fix. Thanks to Marcy Smith, emcee; Bonnie Barker, photographer; Diane Moyer, backstage dresser; and Deb Seda, traffic manager for helping make this a brilliant event.


Doris Chan
2013 Fall Fashion Show Coordinator

New Beginnings

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

It has been real pleasure being the Professional Development Chair! I've really enjoyed watching so many of you bloom in your careers. I've also come to realize how much our volunteers really give to our CGOA. Thank you to each and every one of you who has made the CGOA the wonderful organization that it is!
I am now passing the torch on to Linda Dean. I know that she is going to do a fantastic job as the new Chair. Linda has so many great ideas - I can't wait to see what she does!
Renee' Rodgers is also stepping down and Deidre Eyles is going to be our new Mentor Coordinator. Thank you, Renee', for all the hard work and time you have given to the CGOA. We are very grateful! Deidre will do a fabulous job - I know that our Mentor Program will be in great hands! Thank you for all the support and for the friendships we have formed! It has been an experience I won't forget! All the best, Brenda Bourg

2013 Design Competition Peoples' Choice

Saturday, October 5, 2013

The winner of the CGOA 2013 Design Competition $100 Peoples' Choice Award, sponsored by Karen Whooley/KRW Knitwear designs, as voted by attendees at the CGOA Conference, Charlotte/Concord, NC, is
Sparkling Shells Evening Shawl, designed by Susmita Mullick:
"This "sparkling shells evening shawl" is designed by Susmita Mullick. It is a light and lacey shawl done in Lion Brand Vanna Glamour yarn in a platinum with diamond color shading. The design features diagonal shells which are interconnected with a slip stitch on both sides of the shawl. This sparkling shells evening shawl is perfect for holiday gifts or to wear on gala occasions."
Sparkling Shells by Susmita Mullick

CGOA 2013 Design Competition Results

Thursday, October 3, 2013

We proudly announce the winning entries in the CGOA 2013 Design Competition, as announced tonight at the Awards Ceremony, CGOA Conference in Charlotte/Concord, NC.
In the category Accessories, sponsored by WEBS, America’s Yarn Store:
Honorable Mention
Fiji Flowers on Flowers (61), designed by Linda Dean:
$100 Third Prize
Josephine’s Amazing Technicolor Dreamcape (86), designed by Maxine Pike:
$200 Second Prize
Windowpane Wrap (19), designed by April Garwood:
$300 First Prize
Dragon Wing (1), designed by Joyce Lewis:
Dragon Wing is also the winner of this year’s $200 Technical Merit Award, sponsored by Designing Vashti, for outstanding, fresh use of Tunisian crochet techniques.
In the category Afghans and Home D├ęcor, sponsored by Red Heart:
Honorable Mention
Granny’s Tree of Love (42) designed by Deborah Bagley
$100 Third Prize
Alpine Lodge (88), designed by Sue Solakian
$200 Second Prize
Octie: Flower to Octagon Blanket (70), designed by Jessie Rayot
$300 First Prize
Simple Pleasures (24), designed by Julia Bryant from Canada

In the category Small Accessories, sponsored by Tulip Company, manufacturers of Etimo cushion grip crochet hooks:
Honorable Mention
Rainbow Crochet Carryall (100), designed by Cynthia Fiebig:
$100 Third Prize
Is That A Platypus Scarf? (74), designed by Laurinda Reddig
$200 Second Prize
Purple Cascade (56), designed by Jean DeMouy:
$300 First Prize
Fair Isle Love Beanie (2), designed by Deja Jetmir:

In the category Thread Crochet, sponsored by Boye and The Crochet Dude, Drew Emborsky:
Honorable Mention
Rendezvous (9), designed by Kathryn White
$100 Third Prize
Rose Ensemble (20), designed by Kathie Earle
$200 Second Prize
Calcutta Doily (8), designed by Kathryn White
$300 First Prize
Princess of Circles (25), designed by Carol Booth:
In the category Fashion, sponsored by Interweave Crochet:
Honorable Mention
Summer Lace Dress (94), designed by Janelle Ponte:
$100 Third Prize
Frilly Summer Cardigan (13), designed by Susan Walsh, from Australia!
$200 Second Prize
Connemara Beauty (51), designed by Jennifer Ryan:
$300 First Prize
Afternoon Tea (6), designed by Kathryn White

And in the category Artistic Expressions, sponsored by Jenny King Designs:
Honorable Mention
Meeting Mr. Tumnus by the Lamp in Narnia (41), designed by Deborah Bagley
$100 Third Prize
Owl Sit With You (43), designed by Deborah Bagley
$200 Second Prize
Philomena (96), designed by Kate Buckner:
$300 First Prize
Summer Visitors (63), designed by Sachiko Adams:

Summer Visitors is also the winner of the $100 Founders Prize, sponsored by CGOA founder Gwen Blakley Kinsler;

And finally, the $1,000 Grand Prize sponsored by Crochetville and
Mille Fleurs Dress (32), designed by Dot Drake:

One prize remains, the $100 Peoples' Choice Award, to be voted by the attendees and announced on Saturday.

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