Get on Board with CGOA's Across the Board Crochet-Along!

Monday, February 22, 2016

March is National Crochet Month, and the Crochet Guild of America is going to be kicking off the festivities with a very special crochet-along (CAL).

Did you know that one of the many benefits of joining the Crochet Guild is free access to exclusive crochet patterns for members only? It's true! And beginning February 29th, we'll be hosting a CAL for CGOA's members-only Across the Board afghan pattern, available for download here.

Note: While the pattern is free, you do have to be a CGOA member in good standing to download it.

The Across the Board afghan was designed by CGOA's own board members. Red Heart graciously donated the yarn that was used to design this project. It's made up of seven different strips, each of which feature a different crochet technique. If you ever wanted to expand your crochet skills, now's the time! Some of the featured techniques you may have never seen before.

Here's everything you need to know about the CAL:

Not only will you be able to post pictures of your progress on the CGOA Now! blog, we will also have a Ravelry group and Facebook group you can join to discuss your project.

Join the Facebook group here and Ravelry discussion here.

As mentioned above, some of the techniques used in the afghan may be brand new to you. One of the advantages of making this afghan during a crochet-along is support from your fellow crocheters if you get stuck on something. Plus, who doesn't want to show off their hard work?

If you'd rather not make the entire afghan, feel free to pick the strips that interest you the most and turn them into scarves. This CAL can be anything you want it to be.

Everyone loves a giveaway, and we are thrilled to have some awesome sponsors donating prizes for this event. We will spend two weeks on each strip of the afghan, and each two week session will have a new sponsor and giveaway prize. We'd like to keep the prizes a surprise for now, but please join us in giving a big thank-you to our sponsors:

...and our Grand Prize sponsor:

Note on Giveaways: As the prizes will be shipping directly from our sponsors, there may be some international shipping restrictions, depending on the sponsor. These details will be mentioned in that segment's giveaway.

How do I join the CAL?
It's as easy as reading the CGOA Now! blog! While we will have Ravelry and Facebook groups set up to discuss your work, everything you need to know about the crochet-along can be found right here on this post, so check back weekly for updates.

And of course, you'll be needing a copy of the pattern! CGOA members may download the pattern for free here.

The Itinerary
As mentioned, we will be focusing on one strip every two weeks during the CAL. Each two-week segment will also feature a different sponsor and its own giveaway. You may choose to make the entire afghan or pick and choose strips to make scarves. Here is the itinerary for the CAL, to be updated with links to relevant posts as they come up:

February 29-March 13
Giveaway sponsored by Unicorn Fibre

March 14-27
Giveaway sponsored by Ancient Arts Fibre Craft

March 28-April 10
Giveaway sponsored by Unicorn Fibre

April 11-24
Giveaway sponsored by Knitter's Pride

April 25-May 8
Giveaway sponsored by Unicorn Fibre

May 9-22
Giveaway sponsored by Ancient Arts Fibre Craft

May 23-June 5
Giveaway sponsored by Unicorn Fibre

June 6-19
Grand Prize Giveaway sponsored by Berroco

Are you excited to get started? Then feel free to grab our buttons below to spread the word! Be sure to link back to this post, which will be updated with all necessary info and links as the CAL goes along.

Special thanks to Crochet Kitten, Stitches 'N' Scraps, Underground Crafter, Jessie at Home, and Hot Lava Crochet for their assistance in organizing the CAL!


  1. Thank you, it's so nice to see all the blogs from the gals and guys who crochet. Such a fun lovable art and so glad to see it's still in style.

  2. I cant find which blog you want us to use for the contest to win the yarn from ancient arts... the colorway I like is "to boldly go" Ive gone to your blog, ancient arts blog, to all the links from the contest page


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