Spring 2017 CAL - Sargassum shawl - Main section 3

Monday, April 24, 2017

Welcome to the CGOA Spring 2017 CAL! In this crochet-along, we will be making the Sargassum Shawl. Be sure to check out the main CAL post for all the details, including prizes and giveaway information, the full schedule, and more.

So far we've done the bottom border and the first 2 main sections, but there's still lots of time to catch up! You can find the Sargassum pattern here, and it has now been updated to include the third main section.

Last week, someone pointed out a problem with the chart for sections 1 & 2 - it was more or less backwards from the instructions! The error was discovered on Tuesday evening and corrected that night, so if you downloaded / viewed the pattern after that, you have the right version.  If you did follow the backwards chart, it will still work, so don't worry.

The 3rd section is very similar to the last two. The main difference is that this is a bigger section, and has a different striping sequence. If you're all caught up, now would be a great time to stop and weave in some ends so that you have fewer to deal with later.

I hope you'll share your progress photos with us on the Facebook group. Some beautiful photos have already been shared and I'm really excited to see how the shawls turn out!

Remember to show some support to our wonderful giveaway prize sponsors:

We couldn't bring you great CALs and prizes without them! You can find complete prize details and giveaway entry instructions in the main CAL post.

Happy hooking!

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