Spring 2017 CAL - Sargassum shawl - Bottom border

Monday, April 10, 2017

Welcome to the CGOA Spring 2017 CAL! In this crochet-along, we will be making the Sargassum Shawl. Be sure to check out the main CAL post for all the details, including prizes and giveaway information, the full schedule, and more. Today we are going to start working on the bottom border of the shawl. You can find the Sargassum pattern here, and it has now been updated to include the bottom border section.

This section is done all in one color, and you don't need any beads until the very end. So if you don't have your beads yet, don't worry - you can get started without them! A few new techniques are introduced in this section, so let's talk a little bit more about those.

  1. Foundation single crochet: This is simply a way of starting your first row without having to make a foundation chain. The "chains" are worked into the stitches as you go. It makes a stretchier edge, and I feel it's easier to work into later, when you come back to do the edging.

    If you struggle with this method (or just don't like it), it IS ok to start with chains like normal instead, and there is an alternate starting row included in the pattern.You'll see I've also included a note about making a few extra chains. This is because the row is long, and it's so easy to "lose" a few chains as you go. Making a few extra just gives you a bit of a buffer. When you finish the row, you can undo any extra chains from the tail end like this:

  2. Chainless starting double crochet: This is a method of starting a row of double crochet without having to "chain up" with a chain 3. It makes the edge neater and less "floppy". Again this is totally optional. You're welcome to start your rows with a chain 3 instead.

    Chainless Starting Double Crochet Tutorial on Moogly
    Image provided by Moogly - used with permission
  3. Puff stitches: Many of you have done puff stitches before, but you may not have worked them this way. Working them into chains allows them to lay sideways so they look like little beads hanging in the middle of the chain spaces. Be sure to keep the chain that you're working into pretty snug - it's going to want to get loose, but if it does you'll have a floppy, loose puff. Also remember to make the chain at the end to close the puff, or it won't be centered. (see pattern instructions).

That's it for new techniques for this week. The bottom border is the most complicated part of the shawl, so take your time with it. If you get a little behind, don't worry - there will be lots of time to catch up later!

Big thanks to our wonderful giveaway prize sponsors:

Please take the time to show them your support - we couldn't bring you great CALs and prizes without them! You can find complete prize details and giveaway entry instructions in the main CAL post.

Happy hooking!

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  1. Super blog. I'm looking forward to the conference later this month.



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