How Do You Show Love through Crochet?

Friday, July 1, 2016

Happy July!  Well, we made it through another month and now is a good time to pause and reflect.  

There have been a lot of disturbing news stories lately and that adds to the stress of our daily lives.  Even though we are all individuals with different opinions and viewpoints, I hope we can all come together and unite for love.  Love is the place of healing.  If we feel love, we know we are not alone.
Therefore, in July's Question of the Month, I want to ask you, "How do you show love through crochet?"  It can be any kind of love you wish.  

It can be self love and self care, love for the community through service, love for your family and friends, love for a higher power if that speaks to you, or love for nature through your choices.  It can even be love I haven't mentioned yet.
I show love through crochet mostly by crocheting gifts for others.  And that love multiplies when the recipient likes the gift and uses it.  I find that since crochet is tactile and cuddly, the love and warmth is effectively conveyed.
What about you?  How do you show love through crochet?
June's QOTM:  How often do you use the yarn suggested in the pattern?  

We had three responses on the CGOA Blog, and each person seemed to have enough yarn on hand to creatively substitute yarn to suit the pattern.  For example, Gymnart said
I mostly use what I have since I have bought quite a few different types of yarn. I pay attention to the weight listed on the label and use the same weight as recommended. If I decide to use a heavier yarn, I will make a swatch to see how it's going to look and act.
ColoHarpare said,
I almost never use the yarn suggested. I can't always find it at my LYS, or it's a yarn I don't care for. And I've almost always got something in my stash that will work. Since I'm changing yarns, though, I always swatch. I'm sometimes surprised by what works and what doesn't.
HooliganHooker showed us her stash with a comment we could visualize!

I have 6 20-gallon tupperware type boxes filled to the brim with yarn and then some, so I very rarely use the suggested yarn unless I happen to have it handy. I do always try to get the best match to fibre and weight though!
I am fairly certain that our group can relate to these three ladies.  I have quite the stash going myself.  
Love heals, so let's keep the conversation going.  How do you use crochet to show love?  Please leave a comment here on the blog, or on the CGOA facebook page!  Do you want to connect on social media?  I can be found on facebook, Instagram, and SnapChat (It's fun!).  Join my newsletter about crafts, crochet, and education. 


  1. When I first started crocheting, I quickly filled my family's needs. Although I still make gifts for family and friends, I was thrilled to find that there are many local charitable organizations that greatly need items such as hats, scarves, and mitts for the homeless; and baby items for the newborns that would otherwise go without. And these things are used by people who truly appreciate that someone took the time and cared enough to make something. I always include a card that says "Stitched with love for you".

  2. I crochet prayer shawls, lap robes, baby blankets and stuffed animals for our prayer shawl ministry. They have been sent around the world. I pray for the person while I am crocheting, and the entire congregation prays over the object before it is sent out. It is amazing the responses we have gotten. People say they can feel God's love through these items!


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