CGOA Member Spotlight: Dianne Hunt

Thursday, July 14, 2016

I'm Marie Segares from Underground Crafter and this is the seventh post in my monthly series on CGOA Now! where I shine a spotlight on a CGOA member and tell her story with an interview.

Dianne Hunt.
This month's interview is with Dianne Hunt from Same DiNamics Crochet. Dianne is a stay-at-home-mom to 3 boys. When she was 35, she founded Same DiNamics to have something to call her own. Soon, she started selling her crochet work and later, she began designing. You can find Dianne at Same DiNamics Crochet, or follow her on CraftsyFacebook, G+, InstagramPinterestRavelry, and Twitter.

All images are used with permission and are ©  Dianne Hunt/Same DiNamics Crochet.

Aeris Buttoned Cowl, free crochet pattern by Same DiNamics Crochet.
Underground Crafter (UC): How did you first get started crocheting?
Dianne: As a child, I was exposed to crocheting through my mom. She crocheted doilies when I was younger. I've always known how to do a simple chain and nothing more. I'd try doing more but it never clicked. However, it wasn't until about 2013 that I started crocheting with love and joy. I don't know what exactly it was that made it all clear to me. I started crocheting like I've been crocheting all my life, and I've enjoyed it every since. It's like my fingers were meant to crochet. 

Lacewing Shawlette, crochet pattern by Same DiNamics Crochet for sale on Ravelry.

UC: When did you start designing?
Dianne: I started designing in 2015 when I became a contributor to Cre8tion Crochet. (UC comment: You can read the interview with Lorene from Cre8tion Crochet here.) Before then, I'd done two simple designs but I didn't consider myself a designer. I'm still learning about designing and how to combine stitches to make fun and interesting designs. I've still got a way to go in my designing journey and I can't wait!

Super Chunky Super Warm Scarf, free crochet pattern by Same DiNamics Crochet.

UC: How long have you been a member of the CGOA? What’s your favorite thing about being a member?
Dianne: I became a member in January of 2016. This was one of my goals for the year. So far, the benefit of the exclusive newsletter is one of the things I like about being a member.

Raspberry Burst Coaster, free crochet pattern by Same DiNamics Crochet.

UC: On your blog you talk about balancing your time between two passions (reading and crochet) as well as with being a stay-at-home mom. What are some favorite crochet books that you've read? 
Dianne: I read mainly fiction in most genres. I've read cozy mysteries that center around crafts but have yet to read one about crochet. Not good! Now, as far as non-fiction crochet books go, I recently read The Crocheter's Skill Building Workshop by Dora Ohrenstein and I have to say that one is perhaps my favorite. It's a book that I'd recommend all crocheters, whether they are designers, hobbyists, or have a crochet related business. This book is filled with lots of necessary information that can answer questions or make things clearer to the crocheter. 

Candy Stripes Cowl, free crochet pattern by Same DiNamics Crochet.

UC: What are your favorite types of crochet projects for relaxing?
Dianne:  I'd say cowls. I really like how quick they work up and enjoy wearing them. One of my latest cowl design is by far my favorite, the Candy Stripes Cowl.

Face Scrubbies and Soap Pouch Spa Set, free crochet pattern by Same DiNamics Crochet.
UC: What are your favorite types of crochet projects for challenging yourself?
Dianne: Doilies... I enjoy making doilies that use a combination of stitches to make the project unique and extraordinary. I have several doily books that were passed down to me from my mom that are in Spanish. While I read and speak Spanish, translating the stitches from Spanish to English is challenging, so I make the doilies by looking at the stitch diagram available in the books. That's a challenge but the end results are beautiful.

Wrapped in Stars Mug Cozy, free crochet pattern by Same DiNamics Crochet on Cre8tion Crochet.

UC: What are your favorite types of crochet projects to give as gifts?
Dianne: Simple projects that work up quickly are great gifts. Mug cozies are wonderful; almost everyone drinks either coffee or tea and can use one. Spa sets and dishcloths are great, too; they will get used. 

Dreamcatcher's Anklet, free crochet pattern by Same DiNamics Crochet.

UC: What are your favorite types of crochet projects for the summer months?
Dianne: Simple things like spa sets for pampering. Also, beach skirts/wraps are fun to make because you can wear them to the beach, lake or poolside like the St. Croix Beach Wrap. I also enjoy crocheted jewelry like the Dreamcatcher's Anklet, my first design. 

St. Croix Beach Wrap, free crochet pattern by Same DiNamics Crochet on Cre8tion Crochet.

UC: What are you working on in 2016? What's next for you?

Dianne: My main goal for 2016 is to continue adding designs to my repertoire. I'm publishing 2 patterns per month. Continuing to learn and grow in my craft by watching others and helping others. I also want to become self-hosted with my blog.  

Thanks, Dianne, for sharing your love of crochet with us!


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  2. I'm following you, congratulations and I love your work.

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