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Monday, August 17, 2009

Members are welcome to contribute crochet-related articles, reviews, photos, YouTube videos, and links to their own blogs. Please send your submissions to: cgoanow @ (to help us avoid spam, cut and paste address into your email program and remove spaces from "@").


  1. Please add my blog to your sidebar blogroll!
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    Jocelyn Sass

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    Jennifer Cirka

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    Alla Koval

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    Sonya Oldham

  8. Is there a way to submit my blog as a link on the CGOA blog sidebar? I am a CGOA member as well.

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    Naomi "Omi" Salavea

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  11. CROCHET HALL OF FAME!! This is an exciting new committee of CGOA and our board liaison is Cari Clement. Cari has a particular interest in crochet as art and has studied and presented lectures about artists who use crochet as their medium. Amazing artists from the 70s are the icons who paved the way for crochet to become what it is today--many of whom still provide the dynamic direction crochet continues to take. Crochet artists take crochet in a totally revolutionary direction. Promoters and educators of crochet have been isntrumental in expanding the reach and knowledge of crochet to all of us. Gallery owners, authors and editors also contribute to the promotion of crochet.

    WE NEED YOUR HELP AND SUGGESTIONS!The committee wants to celebrate these women and men in a way that would not just raise their profile, but that would provide inspiration to all CGOA members. So, please, send your ideas and your suggestions of those who have inspired you. Think big, think creative, think icons! This project will not only be a lot of fun, it will also make us really think, really research and really get inspired! Send your suggestions along with a few sentences that describe why you think he or she deserves to be nominated by the committee, to: If possible, please include contact information for that person.

    We also have a yahoo group: Crochet_hof

  12. I'm brand spankin new to CGOA, my eyes and ears are open for learning and sharing, and I'm excited about the possibilities which will be a direct result of joining in. Looking forward to connecting with all the crochet enthusiasts who have joined, what a network of gifted, crafty, creative people. I'd appreciate it also if you would add my blog to your listings here on your blog listings. Come visit with me, and lets share too over at the CGOA Member page. Something I'd really like to do? Design my own pattern, It's amazing to me that people can do that what a gift, I'd like to know more how you do this..very interesting topic, I almost forgot to give the llink for my personal blog..

  13. My blog name/location has changed. I would appreciate it if you updated your files. My new blog My old blog crochet by the sea is no longer active. Thank you

  14. Please add my blog to your sidebar. It's
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  15. Please add my yarn related blog to your members blogs. I am a CGOA Member.


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    Tamara Gooderham


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