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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Welcome to "Getting To Know You" on the blog. This is an opportunity for our members to share a little bit about themselves, and for us to learn more about each other and continue the family feel after leaving the annual conference. Although we may crochet by ourselves in our own homes, we are not alone in our love of crochet, and we have more in common than we realize. By sharing our experiences and knowledge, we will all learn something new about each other and the art of crochet! This month, enjoy getting to know...

Anne McFarland

Location: San Diego, CA

How many years crocheting and/or how did you learn to crochet? I’ve been crocheting for over 45 years.  I taught myself from a Coats and Clark “Teach Yourself” booklet.

Do you crochet with your left hand or right hand and how do you hold your hook? Right hand and knife hold

What is your favorite crochet hook? I don’t really have a favorite hook.  I use Susan Bates and Boye interchangeably except when I am doing puff or cluster stitches, when I prefer Susan Bates. 

What is your favorite yarn? I particularly enjoy working with Baah Yarns La Jolla, a fingering weight superwash Merino yarn that’s hand-dyed right here in San Diego County.

What is your favorite crochet stitch?  I don’t really have a favorite stitch.  Instead, I enjoy discovering new stitches and stitch patterns, either in stitch dictionaries or just by playing around. 

Do you prefer a written pattern, a chart, or both?  Both

What is your favorite item to make? I enjoy making clothing because it is functional as well as creative.  I also enjoy making jewelry, scarves and shawls, things for the home, baby things – just about anything!

Who do you crochet for?   My favorite crochet recipient is my 12-year-old granddaughter.  I also crochet for myself, family, and friends, and I make things to sell at craft fairs. 

 How long have you been a CGOA member, and what is a fond memory from a CGOA Conference if you’ve attended one?  I have been a member for a number of years, but I’m not sure how many.  I attended my first conference when it was here in San Diego in 2015.  It was thrilling to meet so many designers that I had only read about before then.

Do you belong to a local CGOA chapter in your area?  No – There is no chapter in San Diego.  I wonder if there is enough interest to start one?

What are your crochet goals for the future? I want to keep learning and growing as a crocheter and crochet designer, and to finish at least a few of the multitude of WIPs that are taking over my home.

Any crochet tips that you would like to share?  I like to think of a crochet pattern as a suggestion and a starting point – I almost always tweak patterns to make them more to my liking.

Do you have any other favorite past times, interests, sports, or crafts you enjoy doing?  Right now, my time is pretty well occupied with crochet – making, designing, teaching and selling.  I volunteer for the San Diego Opera and enjoy walking, especially along San Diego Bay. 

Thank you for sharing with us Anne, it's been fun "getting to know you"!
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  1. You are very talented. These look sooo good! Thanks for sharing.


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