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Friday, November 11, 2016

Welcome to "Getting To Know You" on the blog. This is an opportunity for our members to share a little bit about themselves, and for us to learn more about each other and continue the family feel after leaving the annual conference. Although we may crochet by ourselves in our own homes, we are not alone in our love of crochet, and we have more in common than we realize. By sharing our experiences and knowledge, we will all learn something new about each other and the art of crochet! This month, enjoy getting to know...

Rosemary Chance

Jacksonville, Texas.  That’s in east Texas about a two-hour drive southeast of Dallas and about a two-hour drive west of Shreveport, Louisiana.

How many years crocheting and/or how did you learn to crochet?  
My mother-in-law taught me basic stitches in 1970, and women at a yarn shop in Houston, Texas helped me crochet baby booties and a sweater for my first-born son.  I have been crocheting off and on since then.  Now that I’m a retired professor of library science I have time to crochet a few hours every day.

Do you crochet with your left hand or right hand and how do you hold your hook? 
Right hand. Pencil hold.

What is your favorite hook?  
Susan Bates, size H, metal.

What is your favorite yarn?  
Currently, Lion Brand Heartland, all colors, #4, acrylic, for making beanie hats and scarves.  I also like Lion Brand 24/7 Cotton for making dishcloths and tote bags.

What is your favorite crochet stitch and why?  
To create a comfortable cuff for fingerless mittens, I like alternating front post half double crochet and back post half double crochet.  My newest favorite stitch is broomstick lace.  Thanks to Darla Fanton’s excellent class in Charleston, South Carolina!  

Do you prefer a written pattern, a chart, or both, and why?  
When the talented women in Houston helped me learn to crochet, they also taught me how to read patterns.  Interpreting a chart is fascinating but new to me, so my preference is a pattern.

What is your favorite item to make and why?  
About five years ago I started making fingerless mittens made of sock yarn, using a free Red Heart pattern, “Crochet Lace Fingerless Mitts,” designed by Andee Graves.  I love that the mitts are pretty and practical for wearing in a cold office or outside in cool weather.  By now I have made about 60 pairs of mitts in many colors, have given them as gifts to friends and family, and have sold the mitts at local festivals. (See photo.)

Who do you crochet for?  
I crochet for myself, for the women in my family, for women friends, and for our local CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) program.  In our town the program director requests hat and scarf sets for teens, the majority of young people the program serves.

Have you ever participated in a yarn bombing?  
No, nor had I even heard of one until this year.

How long have you been a CGOA member?  
Two years.  

What is a fond memory from a CGOA Conference you have 
I attended my first conference this year and had an excellent experience with the classes I chose.  I was impressed by my experienced and knowledgeable teachers and by my mentor, Carolyn Calderon, a talented and generous person.

Do you belong to a local CGOA chapter in your area?  
No, but I have organized a group of women who meet every Tuesday afternoon at our local public library.  We refer to our group as “Hooks and Books!”  Most of us love to read as well as to crochet, so we informally discuss our favorite titles while working on individual projects.

What are your crochet goals for the future? 
I plan to continue a combination of learning new patterns and stitches, making gifts for friends and family, selling items locally, and donating to CASA. 

Do you have any other pastimes, interests, sports, or crafts you enjoy doing?  
My husband and I raise pygmy goats to help keep weeds and grass under control around our property.  Currently, we have 26 goats and three Great Pyrenees dogs that guard the goats from wild dogs that roam the area.  Each spring we average 15 newborn kids, and I name each goat.  In 2016 17 kids were born, and I named each one after a favorite movie star. Sometimes it takes very little to amuse me.  Two of my favorite kids are Helen Mirren and Sam Heughan, partly because they (the goats) have beautiful pale blue eyes.  Do I milk the goats?  No.  Do I crochet for the kids?  Not yet, although they would love to nibble yarn.

Thank you for sharing with us Rosemary, it's been fun "getting to know you"!
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