Where You Like to Crochet and May's QOTM!

Monday, May 16, 2016

Well, hello there!  The response to April's Question of the Month was fantastic and it was fun to hear everyone's favorite places to crochet.  Without further ado, let's get into it!

Right here on the blog, we had two fantastic commenters sharing a common crochet place.  Both LilPhanie and an anonymous commenter shared they love crocheting at home.  The anonymous commenter has a special crochet corner, while LilPhanie prefers a comfy chair, although she will crochet around town, citing a few different places.  
Other home crocheters included Dvora, Jimena, and Angeles on facebook.  Angeles shared, 
I love getting up early on weekends (when everybody is still sleeping) to crochet in the living room. I usually get to see hummingbirds at the feeder!!
Hummingbird image modified from siamesepuppy via Flickr.  License

Home is where the hook is for more crocheters on facebook, like Linda, who uses crochet to enjoy those precious few moments alone.
Sitting in my LazyBoy Recliner Sofa, with soft music, and a beverage, with nobody home.
Martha, Jan, Michele, Agatha, Stacy, Cindy, and Linda W. also crochet in the home, whether it be in a comfy chair or a favorite room.  Some like Netflix on the TV, while others prefer music.  Good lighting is a consistent theme.  Stacy set the following scene.
Cat and dog happily sleeping in their beds, my very comfy recliner with 2 lamps on the sides, a movie On Demand or binge watching shows on Netflix, Hulu or Amazon and some chocolate.
Sounds good to me.  Others like to crochet while outdoors or on the go.  Lonnie says,
I love crocheting in a nice comfy chair outside listing to the birds sing and the dogs play."
Dvora mentioned she used to crochet on the subway, and Kathy the Crafty Chica also crochets while in transit.  She wrote,
[My favorite place to crochet] is in the car on road trips! I always pack a bag of yarn and aim to finish a scarf by the time I get home! 

Fabulous!  My very favorite comment was from Jean, who loves to crochet ANYWHERE!  

For this month's question, we'd like to know about what inspires your crochet.

My crochet is inspired by community.  Crafting and sharing my love of crochet with others.  But what inspires you to crochet?  Please comment here on the blog, or on facebook and you may be featured in the next QOTM post!

I need to know what makes your crochet tick, so let's keep the conversation going.  Are you inspired by patterns?  Yarns?  History?  Nature?  Please leave a comment here on the blog, and let's connect on social media!  I can be found on facebooktwitterPinterestInstagramTumblrGoogle+,  and YouTube.  Join my monthly newsletter about crafts, crochet, and education. I'm now on Snapchat, too.  Lots of fun!  Thanks for reading!


  1. What inspires me to crochet? Well, grandchildren started it: baby afghans, baby hats, baby sweaters, baby toys, baby booties, so many cute designs! Once I got started, I moved on to varied projects and here I am doing the Across the Board CAL!

  2. I find the creative process itself inspiring! What can I make, how can I make it, what yarn do I want to use, what colors? I usually have an idea in mind of what I want to make and then play with the stitches, shape, size etc. as I go.

  3. Whenever I need something like a new hat or head band ...It seems to inspire me the most.


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