Crochet Geometry by Shannon Mullett-Bowlsby

Monday, April 18, 2016

Crochet Geometry by 
Shannon Mullett-Bowlsby
         Book review by Mary Jane Hall
Crochet garment books are my favorite! I try to buy as many crochet books I can because I do believe in supporting fellow designers, especially when they design garments, my favorite projects to design. Crochet Geometry by Shannon Mullett-Bowlsby, did not disappoint me.  He is also the author of another best selling book,  Designer Crochet, which has all 5 stars, I might add!. As I started looking through the pages I found a nice variety of colors, many of which are cool and vibrant. Nothing drab or uninteresting here. I know other people havd different tastes, but I'm turned off by a book that has all drab, muted colors.

Shannon has come up with 15 interesting designs, and even the pickiest person should find something they can get excited about. I think the first thing that stood out to me was the nice texture in his designs. This is a huge interest of mine and in fact, I have a Pinterest board titled "Textured Crochet".

Circle T-Top - my favorite
  Highlights of this Book

1. It has an index - many don't have this.
2. Smaller and larger models which makes it easier to imagine how it would look on a plus size. I'm pretty sure plus sized people would love this feature. The pictures are taken outdoors, which is always more interesting to me. I love nature!
3. He uses a variey of stitches. Nothing boring here.
4. Skill level and finished measurements are stated - a must for most people. Skills are easy, intermediate and experienced.
5. He uses a variety of yarn sizes - # 1 lace wt, # 3 dk and # 4 med worsted.
6. Many stitch charts and diagrams, something readers have come to expect  in a crochet book.

Sleeve Shrug - Isn't this gorgeous?
7. He has come up with some simple designs, but many are more intricate, so you can be challenged if looking to expand your crochet skills. Some designs are closed weave and some open weave, so you have several styles to choose from.
8. Some styles reflect current trends but others are classic shapes that will always be around
9. Sizes small to 5x, which is rare with today's crochet pattern books.
10. There is a conversion table - US and UK terns. He thought of everything!

Split Circle Wrap -  Unique!

11. There are a variety of styles, such as cardigans, shrugs, wraps and pullovers.
12. The reason for the title, Crochet Geometry, is that all the designs are made up of squares, rectangles, circles and half circles.

And now for my favorite designs!

My favorite is the Circle T-Top, shown above. I'm crazy about the Malagribo Sock yarn in this gorgeous color - Tiziano Red, but I love the slit on the sides that the half circles create. Let's face it gals, most of us like a slit to make room for our tush in the back. In fact, I'm kind of the classic pear shape, with a smaller waist, and I have to admit, I put a slit into the sides of almost all of the tops I buy for myself, so they will flatter my figure. I've never liked that squared off look in a top that is boxy - very unflattering. The sleeve length is perfect too. I don't like short sleeves and I don't like long sleeves, because they drive me crazy. My arms are a shorter, petite length, so I make sure all my tops are elbow or 3/4 length, even if I have to cut them off!  I promise you. If I had time to make this top for myself, I'd do it in a heart beat, but who am I kidding? I'm a designer and don't even have time to make my own designs for myself.

Rectangles Top

My other favorites are pictured here, either because I like the texture of the stitches or shape of the garment, not to mention the beautiful colors of the yarn.

I think you would not be disappointed in this book and the beautiful, unique designs. To see all the designs, and many, many more beautiful creations from Shannon go to his Ravelry page here.
To buy this book you can go to Amazon here.

Mainsail Wrap - Nice Texture

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