Across the Board CAL: Squares of Happiness

Monday, March 28, 2016

Welcome to Part 3 of our Across the Board CAL! For those of you just joining, everything you need to know about the CAL can be found on this post.

This segment is brought to you by Unicorn Fibre, who also sponsored the Diamond Trellis Strip. If you missed your chance to win the Unicorn Baby Gift Set, here's your second chance to win! The set contains 4 oz each of their Fibre Wash, Power Scour, and Fiber Rinse products, all topped with a sweet baby unicorn plushy. This prize is being shipped directly from Unicorn, and is available to be shipped in the USA only.

Enter the giveaway through the Rafflecopter below for your chance to win! Entries will be accepted from March 28th through April 10th, 2016, and a winner will be selected on Monday, April 11th.

Many of our members have started (even completed!) this segment's strip already, but for those of you who haven't, this segment's strip is Squares of Happiness by Tammy Hildebrand, former vice president of CGOA and owner of Hot Lava Crochet!

"You can certainly see Tammy's love for bright, vivid, contrasting colors in the strip she has designed this year using jade, lavender, coral, and shocking pink. Tammy is also well-known for her love of motifs and the join-as-you-go technique, which eliminates the need to sew all your motifs together at the end. Nobody has time for all that sewing, not to mention the extra ends you'd have to weave in. So make Tammy's strip and learn how great joining-as-you-go can be."

If you've been avoiding granny square projects because of the sewing involved, then this is the strip for you! Joining as you go eliminates much of the tedium typically involved with motif projects. Find the pattern on page 6 of the Across the Board 2015 booklet.

Share your progress in any of the following ways:
  • Add a photo to this post using the "Add your link" button below (see this tutorial on how to do this) 
  • Post questions or comments in the comments on this post
  • Join the discussion in our Ravelry and Facebook groups

*Special thanks goes out to Red Heart for donating the yarn that was used in the pattern book!


  1. So much fun working this pattern! :) Here's to a 2nd chance at the giveaway for Unicorn Fibers!

  2. I like the Diamond Trellis pattern the best


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