Book Review: Cute & Easy Crochet with Flowers

Monday, October 27, 2014

Title: Cute & Easy Crochet with Flowers
Authors: Nicki Trench

Book Review by Reneé Rodgers (

(CICO Books, 2013; 128 pages, $21.95, ISBN: 978-1-78249-067-8)

The theme is floral; the projects, cute. Trench has written a book with 35 flowery projects, many home décor, along with some baby projects and fashion accessories. 
The book is conveniently divided into three sections based on the level of challenge. The introduction gives a nice overview of crochet technique and includes line drawings to reinforce the textual instruction.  
The “Starting Out” section in Chapter One includes 13 projects suitable for beginners. My personal favorite is the crocheted Bunting, because, well, who doesn't need a crocheted flower bunting? 
Chapter two, “Practice Makes Perfect”, has 14 projects, my favorite being the delicate Blossom Necklace. 
In Chapter three, we move on to “Confident Crocheting”, where we find the remaining 8 patterns, including the ethereal Floral Lace Scarf, worked in fine mohair and edged with colorful blossoms. 
All instructions are written only; no charts are included. If you love flowers and would like to include them in your craft, Cute & Easy Crochet with Flowers is for you.
Full disclosure: A free review copy of Cute & Easy Crochet with Flowers was provided by CICO Books. Although I accept free products for review, I do not accept additional compensation, nor do I guarantee a positive review.  My reviews are based entirely on my honest opinions.

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  1. Flowers are the most difficult part for me. When I only start doing them, I begin thinking "Oh, my.. I won't do them well" And you know, it happens so. I think it's only the matter of self-motivation, isn't it? Hope to see more flowers at


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