Book Review: Crochet for the Kitchen

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Title: Crochet for the Kitchen

Author: Tove Fevang

Book Review by Reneé Rodgers (

Originally published in Norway last year, this title now comes to America. Crochet for the Kitchen is packed with 45 kitchen worthy accessories. 

Potholders abound, with modern designs as well as cute retro-inspired hot pads. There are also placemats, a dish cloth and a hand towel. 

The yarns represented in the book are not all easily obtainable in the U.S. CYCA numbers are given for the yarns, but if one is substituting yarns, it might be prudent to look up the yarn in the book online, as all of the yarns are listed in the book as CYCA #1 or #2, but one example given is Rowan Hand Knit Cotton, which is actually a worsted weight. If the stitcher is alert to the size hook used and looks up the yarn, it should just be a simple matter of finding a suitable substitute to recreate the author’s projects. 

As an added bonus, Fevang’s projects include Tunisian crochet items as well, which wear very well in the kitchen.

If you like making potholders, this is the book for you!

(Trafalgar Square Books, 2013; 119 pages, $22.95, ISBN: 978-1-57076-606-0)

Full disclosure: A free review copy of Crochet for the Kitchen was provided by Trafalgar Square Books. Although I accept free products for review, I do not accept additional compensation, nor do I guarantee a positive review.  My reviews are based entirely on my honest opinions.

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