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Friday, September 13, 2013

With two weeks to go before the CGOA Fall Conference in Charlotte/Concord, NC, a certain rite of passage is already underway in households across the country.  It's the Crochet Event Marathon; the late nights, missed meals, exasperated family and friends, aching fingers, and squinty eyes that result from our last minute efforts to crochet something to wear or show off at the conference.  I am a participant in the marathon nearly every year and if there's one thing I've learned it's that for all the agony there is a great deal of ecstasy.

If you've crocheted (or are in the agonizing midst of crocheting this very minute) something amazing to wear and you are planning to attend the CGOA dinner on Friday, October 4th, please consider entering your creation in the CGOA Fashion Show which is always the highlight of the evening.  This is your invitation to show me your stuff.

Contrary to what you might think, the Fashion Show is not only for professional designs and corporate-sponsored entries; the show is put on by members for members.  We don't aim to be slick and over-produced.  We don't hire professional models. Yes, we parade some garments that appear in current crochet magazines, or designs for which patterns are available for purchase.  That way we get to see some really cool stuff, much of it designed by CGOA members.  But please know that everyone is welcome to join us on the runway.  If you have a garment or accessory that you'd like to show and share amongst a crowd of friendly faces (perhaps rowdy, but really friendly!) come on up!  Your entry does not have to be your own design.  If you crocheted it and you're proud of it, then you belong with us.

For those who have never done the fashion show thing, and for first-time conference attendees, you probably don't know the routine. As the producer of the show this time, I have a few tips that will help you prepare for your runway experience:

  • Please complete and submit a Fall Fashion Show entry form.  This helps me plan the event.  
  • Print a copy of the completed form; you will need this to accompany your garment on site.  If you're just deciding now that you want to enter so you didn't get a form with your attendee package, check back early next week and I'll have a link to the form.
  • Turn in your garment with the printed form at the event registration desk any time before 4 pm on Friday, October 4th.  At that time I will be gathering everything and prepping the script, deciding the running order and assigning models for the stuff that requires bodies.
  • Come to the backstage area immediately following the dinner; there will be an announcement that it's time.
 If you really enjoy the catwalk and you'd like to offer yourself up as a house model and wear other people's stuff, then please check these guidelines, or Model Boot Camp as we say:
  • Wear to the dinner that evening (or bring to the backstage area) clothes that will be a neutral palette for whatever might be needed.  You don't have to be totally dressy or tricked out, but please, no jeans and flip-flops.  Basic black is always appropriate, but any solid or otherwise neutral shade will be fine. As long as you feel good, you're good.
  • Be extra considerate when handling other people's stuff.  Avoid heavy make-up and perfume that night, which can transfer during changes.  Take off any jewelry that could catch on crocheted pieces or clash with the designs.
  • Follow the instructions of the backstage crew: me (the control freak barking orders and obsessing over details), Vashti Braha, backstage manager, and Diane Moyer, model wrangler and dresser.  The latter two are goddesses and should be revered.  
  • Don't mind the confusion and giggling and other people's underwear!  
  • Have fun.... and remember to smile!
Hope I haven't scared off any potential victims... uh... volunteers.  See you there!

Doris Chan
CGOA 2013 Fall Fashion Show Coordinator

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