Friday, March 22, 2013

Hi Fellow Crocheters!

My name is Jane Rimmer, and I’m excited about talking to you about crochet and the CGOA. Thank you to Amy, and Donna, & Crochetville for sponsoring this month-long blog tour for National Crochet Month.

This year is my 4th and final year on the CGOA Board of Directors. It’s been fun and educational working with others who have a love of crochet. Currently I am the Treasurer for the National Board. During my years on the Board, I have been involved with several committees, related to crochet education. I have served on the Event Education committee, and served as both co-chair and Board Liaison. The Event Education committee is responsible for selecting teacher and classes for the crochet portion of the Knit & Crochet Shows. The committee also selects and holds free, education programs such as “Learn to Crochet”, “Learn to Read Patterns” and “Learn Tunisian” that have been held at recent conferences. For more information on this year’s Knit & Crochet Shows, check out the website:

This year I’ve also taken on the co-chair of the Masters Program Committee, working with Susan Lowman and a great group of reviewers. The Masters Program is a correspondence course where candidates produce a portfolio of swatches and answers to questions to show that they’ve mastered the program materials. The portfolios are then reviewed by two reviews, and the candidates received a certificate and a pin when they pass the course. For more information about the Masters Program, check at the CGOA website:

I’ve also been the CGOA email correspondent for several years. This is a volunteer position not related to the Board. It involves answering questions that people pose to the CGOA. The questions can be simple to answer, such as how to make a specific stitch, or explaining a pattern abbreviation, or where to donate an antique crocheted family item; or the questions can require a little research such as substitutions for yarn used in a vintage pattern.

My committee involvement reflect my interest in continuing education I’m an avid proponent of life long learning. And I can attest that you can spend a lifetime learning new things in crochet, and there will always be something new to learn. I have been crocheting for more than 50 years. In the past few years I’ve taken classes in broomstick lace and Tunisian techniques, building on the basics that I learned in the 1960’s. I’ve learned some beading and jewelry making, Entrelac, and delta. This year I’m looking forward to learning the crocodile stitch.

In addition to continuous learning, I love teaching, both math and crochet. I have taught at Knitters’ Day Out in the Harrisburg area, and at the Hershey Public Library, and my local CGOA Chapter. Along with teaching classes and private lessons, I am an instructor on Ravelry’s Learn Crochet group. I am also a contract crocheter, and love working with some very talented designers. I am the co-founder and current President of Those (Y)arn Crocheters, the Harrisburg Chapter of the CGOA. We meet twice monthly, once at the East Shore Library in Harrisburg and once at the Hershey Public Library. We are always welcoming new members. For more information:

My designs are in Tunisian crochet, have been published in the Crochet Pattern a Day Calendar 2007, and Across the Board 2010, 2011 and 2012. Across the Board is a publication by CGOA that features designs by members of the Board of Directors. You can obtain the pattern book by joining or renewing your CGOA membership.

Don’t forget that Crochetville is helping to support Project Night Night throughout the March for National Crochet Month. Project Night Night is a non-profit that provides a tote bag of comfort items to homeless children. I’m going add this worthwhile charity to our Chapter’s list of charities for this year. Please check out Project Night Night:

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