Knitting Heritage Museum

Monday, October 22, 2012

"Join us to explore the concept of creating a place to honor 
our knit and crochet heritage." 

A message from the TNNA Yarn Group:

Hi All!

Remember when the Yarn Group decided to support Karen Kendrick-Hands and her work exploring the idea of a Knitting Heritage Museum? Well, the symposium is right around the corner! The event will be held in Madison, WI on November 8-10. Registration for the entire symposium has been capped at $175 for all three days' events with a terrific lineup of speakers, topics and activities. It is an exciting time to envision a totally unique museum, getting off to the right start. Come help us to develop a twenty-first century institution to honor an ancient fiber art.

Here's a link where you can register to part of this wonderful project.

Direct PDF to brochure here.

If you have further questions, contact Karen at She has been working relentlessly on this and is full of great information!

Beth Casey,Yarn Group Chair


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