Two Crochet Conferences in 2011!

Friday, August 13, 2010

We had such a blast at Chain Link in Manchester this year, that we will spread the joy in 2011 by offering you two conferences. The board of directors is still hard at work making plans for the events to be held at each conference. We would love to hear your ideas, suggestions, and thoughts! If you have a great idea for a conference event, please add a comment to this post. Let us know if the idea is for a specific location or would be great to have at both events.

Minneapolis in July
Classes: Wednesday, July 27 through Saturday, July 30
Shopping: Friday, July 29 through Sunday, July 31
Hyatt Regency Minneapolis

Greensboro, NC in September
Classes: Wednesday, September 21 through Saturday, September 24
Shopping: Friday, September 23 through Sunday, September 25
Sheraton Greensboro at Four Seasons/Joseph S. Koury Convention Center

We can’t wait to hear from you!


  1. I think this is just wonderful. Greensboro is pretty centrally located for the east coast. Minneapolis is a great city (lived there for several years). I plan on attending Greensboro and I hope lots of people attend these 2 so these become viable alternatives to NH.
    Hope you get Flo Carlisle from Elmore-Pisgah to get a vendor shop set up. Peg Darling

  2. I recently came back from a trip to NC, but didn't visit Greensboro. I can tell you that NC is beautiful this time of year. It was a little on the warmish side for the locals, but in the mountains it was 10 deg. cooler than where we live, so we were comfy. A bit hotter in the valleys, though. If I went back there, though, I'd book a hotel room. Resort accommodations don't include air conditioning.

  3. This sounds great to me. The drive to NC vs. MN would be much easier for me. Flying from my home area is prohibitively expensive. My question is: Will there be a professional day at both conferences?

  4. Sounds wonderful. If there is a professional day in NC I will make every attempt to go this year. I will be my first conference and I am so excited!

  5. I hope the design contest entries will be on view at both locations.

  6. Including the Textile Center of Minnesota in the Minneapolis Conference would be wonderful. They already host so many fiber guilds and have a wonderful dye lab. They really aren't that far from the conference location.

  7. Digifigi, thanks so much for that suggestion! The Textile Center is already on our list of possibilities for the MN July conference. Not sure what their calendar is like, but it would be fabulous to try and do something there!

  8. I'm hesitant about whether the 2 meetings will just mean smaller groups at each instead of one larger group. I can see doing PDD at both, but the awards announcement for the design contest can really only be done once. As for which one I go to...July is the most likely, since Sept would require missing work (I teach) and I would get back only a couple of days before the Rosh HaShanah rush.

  9. If we are in a block of rooms at the hotel, like a whole floor, it would be fun to do a door decorating contest like we did in college.

    I also have an idea for a scavenger hunt in the market.

    If you are interested, let me know and I will volunteer to coordinate them.

  10. Wow I can hardly wait for Minneapolis. The idea of a scavenger hunt in the market is great. Maybe if they wont let us decorate the halls we can have somethng special to put on all of the conference goerd doors that is easy to remove!

  11. It is nice that two are being offered instead of just the usual one annual conference. However, neither MN nor NC is reasonable (financially or otherwise) for me to travel to. I hope both are successful; I would also hope, that someday, one can be held in California so that I can finally attend. I DID go to Bellevue, WA in 1999, but that was more than I should have spent that year.

  12. Kim Kotary-I love your idea of "yarn-bombing" our doors at the conference hotel. I am in, Kim. The scavenger hunt would be a blast too. Let me know if I can help in MN.

  13. Hello all,
    I really enjoyed the Manchester conference. It was my first crochet event (a little more knit than crochet) but fun. I'm hoping to get to the Minneapolis show this year but the Hyatt is pricey!!! I want to be able to shop too. Anyone looking to share a room?? I thought I would like to spend Thurs-Mon but I am flexable. I'll keep my eyes open for a response. If not I'll be at the Holiday Inn express down the block.


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