Suggestion Box 2009

Monday, November 23, 2009

CGOA members, we want to hear from you! Do you have ideas for:

  • a location for the Chain Link conference?
  • new classes or instructors for Chain Link?
  • additions to the CGOA website?
  • new benefits we can offer our members?
  • anything else?

Please post your suggestions as comments to this post. All suggestions will be given thorough consideration by the board of directors. Watch this blog for announcements about suggestions we are able to implement.


  1. I would love to see the conference be more centrally located so that members from all over the US could get to it easier. They're not going to join if they don't feel like they can get to a conference. Also, if it could be in a larger city with a major airport that all airlines fly into, this would make travel expenses a bit easier.

  2. Providence RI is a very cool city with a large convention center and lots of hotels. Have you checked it out for Chain Link - even though Manchester is most convenient for me. Providence might draw a lot of people.

  3. I would also love a more centrally-located conference since I live in the central US, but I realize that that just may not work for others. I would REALLY love to have a central place for crocheters to be able to submit the measurements of themselves and family members in order to gain access to measurements submitted by others. This would sure make life easier for designers such as myself who don't have someone of every age and size available to measure. This could be done on the CGOA website.

  4. April Creates, have you seen the information on the Craft Yarn Council website? I'm not sure if that is part of the information you're looking for or not. They have sizing charts that show the actual body measurements for babies, children, women, and men in both inches and cm. This page (which contains links to the individual sizing charts) gives information on how to use the measurements for sizing garments you're designing.

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  6. As we start a new year with new board members, I would like to see new transparency regarding the governance of our organization. Is the board willing to post the minutes of their board meeetings on the members-only site?

  7. Gwen, the information you're asking for is already on the Members-Only area of the website. Once you're in the Members-Only area, click on the pull-down menu for CGOA Business and select the option "Meeting Minutes."

    All the board minutes are there through the September 2009 board meeting. Meeting minutes aren't posted until they've been approved at the following board meeting. The December minutes were approved at our January 5 board meeting, so they should be posted soon.

  8. I would love to see all the past issues of CROCHET! available in digital form. It is so hard to find a back issue, and a digital bonus, such as access to a year of back issues, could be offered to new members as an incentive to join. I would pay extra for access to an archive of issues!

  9. Just checked and didn't find the minutes that were approved on Jan. 5, 2010 from the Sept 09 meeting. Am I missing them? From Jan. 5 to today (April 19, 2010) seems an inordinate amount of time to get minutes posted to the membership.

  10. Gwen, we apologize for the delay in getting the January board minutes posted to the website. Minutes from one board meeting are not posted to the website until they've been approved by the board at the next board meeting, which means there will always be somewhat of a delay in getting them posted. The first board meeting after the January one was at the end of March (had to be rescheduled from early March to accommodate the travel schedules of several board members). Offinger's been highly focused on Chain Link/TKGA conference/Knit and Crochet Show plans for August as well as the Columbus TNNA event, and posting the January minutes honestly just fell through the crack. Offinger now has this task on their priority to-do list for this week. :)


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