Crochet QOTM: Your Favorite Crochet Stitch

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Hey, CGOA people!  Are you as excited as I am for National Crochet Month?  I am sure you're aware of all of the different ways we can celebrate crochet this month.  If not, check out our CGOA Across the Board Crochet-Along with fab prizes, this past post with some great ideas, or skip on over to Crochetville and jump on their blog train!


I am really excited for today's post because today's post is all about YOU!  

One of the blogging goals for this year is to increase the sense of community in the CGOA, and therefore increase the already fantastic value in holding a CGOA membership!  To this end, I want to start a series of posts here on the blog where YOU contribute to the content.  Here's how it will work:
Each month I'll post a question here on the blog.  We'll then post it on our facebook page, where YOU can share your answers and photos (if applicable).  During the last week of the month, I'll round up some of the shining comments and images.  Then I'll post them here on the blog and we can all read about what others are up to!  I will also present the next question at that time.  Sound fun?

So the question of the month (QOTM) this time is What is Your Favorite Crochet Stitch and why?

I'll begin the fun by answering.  Although I don't necessarily use it that much, I love the Extended Single Crochet.  The reason I love it is because I just used this stitch in a project and it was elegant.  It's drapier than single crochet, as simple as double crochet, and produces a beautiful fabric when worked in the round.  You can see my new favorite stitch at the top of the above photo.

I am extremely interested in learning about the stitches that our members love, so let's keep the conversation going.  Please tell me your favorite stitch and why!  

Feel free to link to a tutorial or great book/pattern resource featuring your stitch!  Please leave a comment here on the blog, on our facebook page, or in any of the various forums I'll be checking.  If you want your tweet or gram to be found, please hashtag #CrochetQOTM on twitter or instagram.

I can be found on facebooktwitterPinterestInstagramTumblrGoogle+,  and YouTube.  Join my monthly newsletter about crafts, crochet, and education. 


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