Thursday, July 24, 2014

2014 Design Competition Winner List

Category: Fashion, sponsored by Interweave Crochet
Honorable Mention: “Seashell Dress”; designed by Linda Jefferies
Honorable Mention: “The Claudia Sweater”; designed by Susan Walsh
Third Prize $100: “Purple Majestic Vest”; designed by Maxine Pike
Second Prize $200: “Fantasy Skirt”; designed by Kathryn White
First Prize $300: “Peach Stack”; designed by Annette Hynes

Category: Accessories, sponsored by WEBS, Americas Yarn Store
Honorable Mention: “Reversible Rabbits”; designed by Hazel Furst
Honorable Mention: “Waterfall Collar Necklace”; designed by Jessie Rayot
Honorable Mention: “Riviera Shawlette”; designed by Kathryn White
Third Prize $100: “Pearls”; designed by Jean DeMouy
Second Prize $200: “Crimson Fiesta Shawl”; designed by Theresa Kehrer
First Prize $300: “Fall Leaves Wrap”; designed by Jessie Rayot

Category: Afghans and Home Decor, sponsored by Red Heart
Honorable Mention: “Summer Breeze”; designed by Rena Watson
Third Prize $100: “A Soldier’s Christmas”; designed by Deborah Bagley
Second Prize $200: “Around the World and Back”; designed by Annette Hynes
First Prize $300: “Star Bright Cot Blanket”; designed by Joan Peate

Category: Thread Crochet, sponsored by Boye and the Crochet Dude
Third Prize $100: “Flutter”; designed by Rose Ramirez
Second Prize $200: “Pretty Pathways Doily”; designed by Joyce Geisler
First Prize $300: “Secret Garden”; designed by Kathryn White
Category: Artistic Expression, sponsored by Tulip Company, makers of exceptional tools including Etimo cushion grip crochet hooks
Third Prize $100: “The Deadly Dragon”; designed by Rachel Schuster
Second Prize $200: “Steampunk Amigurumi Soiree”; designed by Donna Childs
First Prize $300: “Backyard Visitors”; designed by Sachiko Adams
Special Award for Technical Merit, sponsored by Designing Vashti, the online crochet pattern boutique. 
Technical Merit Award goes to Jennifer Ryan, designer of Celtic Coral Charm and Feileacan Shawl
Anniversary Award $100, sponsored by Gwen BLakley Kinsler
“Backyard Visitors”; Sachiko Adams
Peoples’ Choice Award $100, sponsored by Cari Clement (TBA)

$1000 Grand Prize, sponsored by Creative Yarn Source and Mainly Crochet
“Nicky’s Caribbean Adventure”; designed by Dot Drake

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