Chain Link Reno: Dance Party Rescheduled!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Are you all finalizing your plans to come to Chain Link in Reno next month? I know I'm getting very excited. It is going to be one fabulous conference! I hope you're able to come join us. Just wanted to give you a heads-up that the Dance Party has been rescheduled to Friday evening from 9 PM to midnight. Having the Dance Party on Thursday after classes, a CGOA Kickoff meeting, and the Market Preview, means that many people wouldn't get a chance to eat dinner that night. And while the party snacks are nice, they're not a substitute for a full meal. So to help make sure that our DJ (the incomparable Doris Chan!)and dance party sponsors don't faint dead away from lack of food and have to be tucked into a corner so people don't trample on them, we decided to move the Dance Party to Friday night. You'll have time for a quick dinner between 5:00 and 6:15, which is the start of the CGOA Mini Member Meeting. That meeting should be over by 6:45 or 7:00, so you'll again have time to squeeze in a quick meal if you're going to the Chapter event at 8:00. The Chapter event is scheduled from 8-9 PM, but might run over if there's a lot of good sharing taking place. Don't worry---you'll still have plenty of time to get to the Dance Party. I can guarantee the party will still be going strong when it's time to shut it down at midnight! So mark your calendars and plan on attending the Dance Party Friday night!

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