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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Are you still deciding which classes to take at Reno? Pre-registration is open through August 27, so you have a little time left to make your final decisions and take advantage of the pre-registration discount on class prices.

Here are some selected classes you might want to consider:  

Susan Lowman
T111C, Beginning Filet Crochet
T211C, Intermediate Filet Crochet
F105C, Playful Polish Star
S209C, Intermeshing 101
N106C, Reading and Understanding Crochet Patterns

Marty Miller
S205C, Linked Stitches and Extended Stitches
T110C, Foundation Stitches
S106C, Post Stitches

Suzann Thompson
F304C, Polymer Clay Button Boutique 2
S106C, Pretty Picot-Rama

Margaret Fisher
F104C, Crochet a Moebius

Joan Davis
F208C, Omega Lace Crochet: The Basics

Karen Whooley
F210C, Learn to Delta Lace Crochet
N111C, The Lover's Knot

Darla Fanton
N102C, Double Helix Bead Crochet Necklace and Bracelet

If you're interested in working with thread, I highly recommend taking one of the above classes that feature thread. While thread crochet uses all the same stitches as when working with yarn, there are some hints and tips that make it much easier to work on a smaller scale. It's really great to have a teacher right there to help as you learn new tensioning skills.

Have you ever wanted custom buttons to perfectly match the garment you're making? I can't recommend Suzann Thompson's Polymer Clay class highly enough. I was lucky enough to take it in Greensboro last year, and I learned so much. Once you learn Suzann's tricks, it's very easy to quickly make your own custom buttons. Big Tip: Don't pack huge amounts of polymer clay in your carry-on baggage like I did (with 15 packs of clay). The plasticizers in it make it read as an EXPLOSIVE: not a good thing to take security, especially in the metal box I had mine in. Luckily, the TSA agents didn't confiscate it and let me take it on through. At least most of it was in its original packaging, thank goodness!) I did have some explaining to do, though!

The Polish Star stitch is beautiful, but a little tricky when you're first learning how to make it. I took this class from Pauline Turner, and I know Susan will do just as wonderful a job walking you through the intricacies of this stitch.

Marty's classes are excellent technique classes that will let you add new dimensions to your work, especially if you like experimenting and coming up with your own designs.

Any of the classes listed above would be an excellent addition to your class list.


  1. I really wanted to take the Polish Stars class. It coincided with the Irish Crochet Rose Mat class which I also wanted to take (and signed up for). Maybe I can get together with someone that took the class and we can swap experiences? I can show what I learned in the Irish Crochet class and you can show me what you learned? Anyone interested? Thanks!

    1. Sharing by showing each other what you've learned is great! Jessica, I know you didn't suggest sharing copies of the handouts, so what follows is a general educational comment that is not targeted to you. :) Everyone, while sharing what you learned is highly encouraged, please remember that class materials are copyrighted by the teachers. This means you can't share copies of your handouts with others. But sharing your new-found knowledge is A-OK!

    2. I second what Amy says! It is really very easy to get the information the right (and legal way) - just contact the author. People work very hard to put together these materials.

      I have other classes with Susan Lowman. I have contacted her to see if I could purchase the handout, but that only gets me so far. It would be really cool to share with someone. Maybe I will run into someone there that has taken the class. Or, perhaps, the instructor offers and online class...not sure yet.

      Looking forward to the conference - can't wait!!! So excited!!! :)

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