CGOA Member Spotlight: Heidi Yates

Thursday, December 29, 2016

I'm Marie from Underground Crafter and this is my twelfth and final post in a series of interviews highlighting the work of a Crochet Guild of America member. (Don't worry, I'll be back in 2017 with a different series of monthly guest posts!)

Heidi Yates.
This month's post is spotlighting Heidi Yates, the crochet designer and crafts blogger behind Totally Snappy/Snappy Tots. Heidi can also be found online at Facebook, InstagramPinterest, Ravelry, and Twitter.

All images are © Heidi Yates/Snappy Tots/Totally Snappy  and are used with permission.

Messy Beanie Buddies, premium crochet pattern by Heidi Yates for sale on Ravelry.
Underground Crafter (UC): How did you first get started crocheting? 
Heidi: My mom taught me when I was little. I didn't really start crocheting a lot until about 7 years ago when knitting became too painful for my wrists. I picked up crochet again and, with ergonomic hooks, am able to crochet for hours without pain. 

Icicle Ike, free crochet pattern by Heidi Yates.
UC: When did you start designing?
Heidi: I can't remember a time when I wasn't designing something.  I grew up in a very creative home and my mom always encouraged us to draw and try different hobbies. My first published "designs" were tole painted pieces in 1995. I wrote a book and several magazine articles. After that I designed knitted pieces and crocheted pieces. 

Cotton Flapper, free crochet pattern by Heidi Yates.
UC: How long have you been a member of the CGOA? What’s your favorite thing about being a member? 
Heidi: I am a newbie. This is my second year and I'm still finding all of the things they offer. I have enjoyed many of their publications. 

Shark Nap Blanket, premium crochet pattern by Heidi Yates for sale on Ravelry.
UC: You have a multi-craft background. Does your tole painting experience influence your crochet at all? 
Heidi: Absolutely and more so this upcoming year. For over a year I've been working on a new adventure with my painting (prolonged due to personal events) and eventually will be releasing a whole new line of crochet patterns inspired by those designs as well.

I hope my creations look like each other. I think I have a whimsical world playing out in my brain and little by little pieces come to life. 

Velvety Slouch and Scarf, free crochet pattern by Heidi Yates.
UC: What are your favorite types of crochet projects to make?
Heidi: I wish there was an eighth day each week dedicated to crocheting just for the heck of it.  There are tons of patterns I'd love to try for my home and gifts. I mostly enjoy crocheting things for kids.. Of all ages. The brighter and more whimsical, the better. 

Troll Toes and Big Feet, premium crochet pattern by Heidi Yates for sale on Ravelry.
UC: What will you be working on in 2017? What's next for you?
Heidi: I've been working behind the scenes for quite some time and hope to put everything in place by spring, 2017. "Out with the old and more of the best" is my motto for 2017. 

Thanks for sharing your love of crochet with us, Heidi!

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