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Thursday, September 1, 2016

As September arrives we're rounding the corner into the fourth quarter of 2016.  Can you believe it?  In a few short months we will be ringing in a new year.  September is both the calm before Thanksgiving and the December holidays, and the very month of the Jewish high holidays.  As always, there's a lot going on, and a lot to plan for.   

Thinking about holidays brings us to this month's question, in two parts.  1. What is your favorite (traditional or wacky) September holiday?  2. What would you design or crochet for it?  For a comprehensive list of both traditional and unexpected September holidays, check out the Brownielocks page here.  
I'll get the ball rolling.  Well, according to Brownielocks, the 23rd of September is Love Note Day.  To celebrate, I will crochet Sarah London's beautiful Fancy Hearts pattern in thread and send it in a sweet note to a loved one.  

Last month, I asked you how the school year inspires or changes your crochet habits.  One very in-depth response stood out on the blog.  Regina shared,
 "As a school bus driver, when the kids return to school, so do I. I treat it as an opportunity to learn a new stitch or two, and incorporate it into a pattern which eventually turns into something pretty good.  When we drivers go on our afternoon shifts, usually we sleep, eat, read, or listen to music. I bring a bag with a "smalls" project that is usually for my stock of finished items that I bring to craft fairs, and I work on them. Or I would be consulting my calendar for possible craft fairs I would be doing. Or working on lesson plans for private lessons.  
School is very inspirational for my work. I run a grass roots charity for The Home on the Hudson, it's a beautiful facility for the elderly volunteer firefighters and their spouses. Bringing homemade blankets, lap warmers, caps and scarves, shawls are showing my appreciation for the sacrifices they did back in the day. So far I donated over 100 lap warmers, and developed a very simple pattern I will publish in Ravelry.  
My husband was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma back in March. So to keep me focused, and relaxed, I turned to stitchery and crochet. I plan to make to donate simple caps to Mount Sinai Hospital cancer treatment center, and to Long Island Hematology in Syosset, as a thanks for helping my husband fight this disease. He's doing great btw, we are getting ready for his final hurdle, extraction of stem cells, a treatment to wipe out his bone marrow, and the transfusion of his improved stem cells to completely wipe out the cancer, and to allow good blood, bone marrow growth, and his bones to thicken and strengthen.  
I got a lot of worries, I am thankful for this hobby in keeping me sane and calm throughout this process. Namaste!"
In the Cyber Crochet of CGOA Group on Ravelry, TK-Arts told us she wants to get back to designing!
"With summer winding down, I’m really anxious to get back to work on my designs. I had declared a halt to people showing up to visit at the last minute, but the kids are a different story……. ;o)"
I love love love love love hearing from you, so let's keep the conversation going.  Which holiday, wacky or serious fuels your September fire?  And what will you crochet for the occasion?  Please leave a comment here on the blog, or on the CGOA facebook page!  Do you want to connect on social media?  I can be found on facebook, Instagram, and SnapChat (It's fun!).  Join my newsletter about crafts, crochet, and education. 

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